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Basement & Radon Solutions is an industry leader in basement waterproofing, concrete lifting and crawl space repairs. We have more than 30 years of experience serving the residents of Western North Carolina. We strive to offer the best technology and service to our clients.

Basement & Radon Solutions offers a wide array of services to improve the conditions of your damaged basement or crawl space. Whether you need crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, concrete lifting or something else, our technicians are ready to get your home or business back in prime condition in NC.

We can also help you test your home for radon gas. We have tested and fixed thousands of homes with radon problems since 1998. Some of the most popular services we provide include:

For almost two decades, the certified technicians from Basement & Radon Solutions have been an industry leader in providing residential and business customers in North Carolina and South Carolina with state-of-the-art foundation and crawl space repair, waterproofing, concrete lifting, radon testing, and radon mitigation at affordable prices.

When you need a vapor barrier or ventilation for your crawl space, we can help. If your basement stays wet, we can dry it out with a sump pump, a drainage system or a wide variety of proven dehumidification techniques. Our concrete lifting services are a cost-effective, permanent solution to elevating sunken concrete walkways, driveways, floors, and slabs that have settled.

We also will safeguard your family and co-workers from the dangers of toxic radon gas, which is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and impossible to notice by using any of the human senses. It could be present in your home or office right now. Keep your family and co-workers safe and sound with radon testing and mitigation by Basement & Radon Solutions. We bring more than 16 years of experience to the table as an industry leader in innovation and expertise.

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Customer Reviews from Black Mountain
Eric H. from Black Mountain, NC
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jul 15th, 2020
Debbie P. from Black Mountain , NC
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Nov 20th, 2019
Everyone I worked with, from Stephen Starnes to the installers, were exceptional. They communicated well and were professional throughout the process. I could not recommend this team more!
Eric N. from Black Mountain, NC
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jul 2nd, 2019
BRS was very professional and responsive. They came up with a great solution for our basement repair and we are very happy with their workmanship.
Completed Jobs from Black Mountain
Crawl space 1 Eddie K.
March 23, 2021

Basement & Radon Solutions, BRS Pros helped Eddie get an encapsulated crawl space with these steps...

1. Spray foams all of the rim joists & sill plates in the crawl space. This spray foam is Class A Fire rated, polyurethane, and closed cell spray insulation.

2. We installed our 9 mil vapor barrier on the walls in the crawl space. This vapor barrier is a white 100% woven reinforced liner. The wall liner was mechanically fastened/sealed to the foundation walls. 

3. We added our Thermax rigid insulation. We installed the 2" thick (R-13) Thermax rigid closed cell insulation over foundation wall liner. Class A fire-rated. The Thermax rigid insulation was used to insulate the crawl space doors. All Thermax joint seams were taped. Thermax is a glass-fiber-infused polyisocyanurate foam core laminated between 1.0 mil smooth reflective aluminum facers on both sides. Insulation color is silver.

4. Then we installed a Radon Ready mitigation system. A 4" suction pipe was installed below radon barrier/ground liner. In the event the home is tested for radon in the future and it's  found to be elevated. This component will be used with the additional exterior radon system to correct radon levels.

5. We installed a 15 mil vapor barrier to the floor & piers in the crawl space. It is our premium (walk on, store on) 15-mil white 100% woven reinforced liner. This 15-mil woven ground liner will control moisture vapor and dampness from the ground. Our woven ground and wall liners are antibacterial, meaning mold and other organic growth will not grow to our liner.

6. The we installed an Aprilaire 1820 dehumidifier in the crawl space for Eddie. This model will remove up to 70 pints of moisture a day! Proudly made in the USA and comes with a 5 year manufactures warranty. 

7. Lastly, we installed the Hygrometer. This is a remote temperature & relative humidity meter that is a stand alone unit with one remote sensor. The wireless remote sensor was mounted in Eddie's crawl space to give him an accurate reading of relative humidity. This product will help him monitor the effective humidity of the dehumidifier in the crawl space. 

It was a pleasure helping Eddie make his home safe, healthy, and happy!

Judith R.
March 22, 2021

Basement & Radon Solutions, BRS Pros, did some work for Judith and it went like...


1. Removed all of the contaminated insulation from Judith's crawl space. 

2. Cleaned the sub-floor for wood decaying fungi and organic growth. After cleaning a second EPA registered fungicide, cleaner, and deodorizer was fogged throughout the crawl space. It kills 99.9% of mold spores and will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. 

3. Sealed all of the foundation vents with 2" foam insulation to prevent exterior air and moisture entering the crawl space. 

4. Installed 9 mil white 100% woven reinforced vapor barrier to the walls of the crawl space. 

5. We sprayed the rim joists & sill plates with polyurethane foam that is Class A rated . It is a closed cell spray foam that prevents air infiltration and insulates the wood band plates. 

6. We laid blanket insulation that is 3 1/2" thick around the interior perimeter of the foundation walls. 

7. We installed a 15 mil white 100% woven reinforced vapor barrier to the floor of the crawl space. Our 15 mil liner is a premium walk on/store on approved vapor barrier. Our liners are also antibacterial, meaning mold and other organic growth will not grow to the liner. 

8. Replaced the old sump pump basin liner. 

9. Next, we installed an Aprilaire 1870 dehumidifier. This model can remove up to 130 pints of moisture per day! Proudly made in the USA and come with a 5 year manufactures warranty. 

10. Lastly, we installed the Hygrometer for the crawl space. This is a remote temperature and relative humidity meter for Judith to be able to keep an eye on the crawl space from the monitor mounted inside her home. 

It was a pleasure to help Judith get her home happy, healthy, and safe again! 


Approximate loc of suction point in basement Geryl M. & Gerald C.
October 6, 2020

Basement & Radon Solutions, BRS Pros, installed a Sub-Slab Radon Mitigation System and did a post mitigation radon test after the system was installed. The Sub-Slab Radon Mitigation System is used to get rid of the radon gas that comes up through the slab before it enters the living areas of the home. We installed this system by drilling a hole into the slab to the earth to create a suction pit. From this suction pit we ran the pipe out of the home to the radon fan (that helps pull out the radon gas) up past the roof line where the gas is expelled. There is also a Manometer gauge (vacuum gauge) mounted where Geryl & Gerald can clearly see if the radon fan is still working. After we  installed the Sub-Slab Radon Mitigation System, we did a post radon gas test which came back as 0.9 pCi/L! It was such a pleasure making Geryl & Gerald new home happy, healthy, and safe!

Basement Waterproofing Jobs Eric H
June 25, 2020
Basement & Radon Solutions, BRS Pros, offered a crawlspace repair service by conducting a sub-floor organic growth remediation and a crawlspace encapsulation which included installing a WatchDog 600C dehumidifier. This job received a 5-Star Google Review from Eric 7/15/2020