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Dry Rot Removal in Hendersonville, Asheville, North Carolina

Aside from mold, excess moisture also leads to an abundance of dry rot. Dry rot is a condition where fungi slowly break down wood fibers, making the wood look aged and feel brittle. If dry rot manages to reach your wooden beams, ceilings, and walls, only time will tell when they’ll collapse. To prevent that from happening, you need to control or eliminate the levels of moisture in your property.

However, addressing moisture isn’t always simple. Sometimes you’ll need an expert touch to get rid of the problem. If you’re looking for professional dry rot removal and prevention services in your area, don’t hesitate to contact Basement & Radon Solutions. We have equipment that can treat the affected wood efficiently and quickly.

the Professionals Handle the Decay

Let the Professionals Handle the Decay

Dry rot comes in two types: white rot and brown rot. White rot targets hardwood and has a white or yellowish discoloration. If the wood is touched, it feels spongy and has a stringy appearance. On the other hand, brown rot attacks softwood and causes the wood to turn dark brown. It’s also called “brown cubical rot” because of the wood’s checkerboard appearance.

If you’re planning to deal with dry rot without the appropriate tools and know-how, you’ll only make the situation worse. Because of how dry rot looks, it can be mistaken for wood damage caused by termites and wood ants. Using the wrong dry rot removal or prevention method can make the wood weaker and eventually destroy it.

If you want to get rid of dry rot permanently, let Basement & Radon Solutions handle the task for you. Our fully licensed and certified technicians use tried-and-tested methods to remove the fungal decay from your wooden surfaces, preventing it from spreading anywhere else. We also work efficiently and quickly so as not to prolong the damage caused by the rot.

Dry rot prevention

How to Prevent Dry Rot

There are a couple of strategies to prevent the fungus from growing on your wooden structures. These include:

  • Install vapor barriers in your basement
  • Encapsulate your crawl space
  • Search and repair all plumbing leaks
  • Install a dehumidifier and sump pump in your basement

For more professional dry rot and mold removal or prevention services, contact Basement & Radon Solutions at 828-759-5522.