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Is Your Crawl Space Healthy?

Moisture Control for a Clean, Healthy Crawl Space.

Crawl Space Repair

Many homes built on crawl space foundations in the Southeastern United States suffer from poor moisture management. A home with a dirt crawlspace costs more to heat and cool. If your crawlspace is vented, those vents make your floors cold upstairs, if your ductwork is in the crawlspace there is also an energy drain as cold ducts strain to keep your home warm. In the summer, warm air that enters your crawlspace creates high humidity. Warm humid air that enters the crawlspace will place itself on the cooler components such as the sub-floor insulation and the wood sub-floor creating condensation and dampness. If you get rid of the humidity in your crawlspace you can save 15% to 25% per year. For decades, building codes and conventional wisdom have prescribed ventilation with outside air as the primary method of moisture control in crawl spaces. In the humid Southeast, however, ventilation with outside air only makes moisture problems worse. Recent research by Advanced Energy, a Raleigh, NC based non-profit company and others indicates that a new type of crawl space system, with NO vents to the outside, can provide greatly improved moisture control and significant energy savings when properly installed. Call Basement & Radon Solutions for a free evaluation of your crawlspace.

Crawl space encapsulation means eliminating wet, damp, dirty crawlspaces and the health risks posed by mold, bacteria and fungus. It is designed to improve the value of your home while ensuring the health of your family. We at Basement & Radon Solutions have committed to installing superior crawl space encapsulation and radon mitigation systems in Western North Carolina for over a decade.

If you own your home we will do a free onsite inspection of your crawlspace with pictures that will identify problems associated with your crawlspace. Foundation cracks, basement waterproofing, sump pumps, dehumidification and French drain repairs are all in our line of services.

Next we will provide you with professional options to correct these issues and guarantee you a clean healthy crawl space system. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your crawlspace.

Crawl Space Problems and Their Solutions

At Basement & Radon Solutions, we help our customers in Hendersonville and Asheville areas by getting to the root of the problem.

  • Organic Growth -Organic growth (mold, fungus, mildew) is commonly found in crawl spaces that have moisture problems. We will correct this condition by cleaning the sub-floor. This is the first step in creating a healthy crawl space.
  • Crawl Space Drainage System-If there are issues with standing water, we begin by installing a perimeter drainage system prior to the encapsulation process. We then run this drainage system into our GrateSump™ Sump Pump System to remove the water from the crawl space.
  • DimpleShield Drainage Matting - This dimpled plastic material may be used on high footings or concrete floors to assist with crawl space drainage issues.
  • Crawl Space Vent Covers -Most crawl spaces have been vented due to antiquated building codes. We now know that venting a crawl space creates big problems and it's necessary to seal any vents or areas where outside air can get in. We have patented crawl space vent covers to solve this issue.
  • CrawlShield™ Encapsulation System -To complete the process of sealing the crawl space, we install a patented crawl space encapsulation system to completely eliminate vapors and odors rising from the ground; creating a layer of protection between the dirt floor and your living space which also helps in lowering your home's heating bills while making the upper levels living spaces more comfortable.
  • Crawl Space Dehumidification System-After the area is sealed, the moisture level will need to be controlled and brought down to a relative humidity below 50%, using our high-efficiency dehumidification systems.

Why do we make every encapsulated crawl space radon ready?

Dehumidification system

As crawl space repair and radon mitigation professionals we know from years of experience that when a crawl space is sealed or encapsulated to create a healthier home, radon levels may increase. A crawlspace that is encapsulated or sealed may trap radon gas in your home much the same way radon gas is trapped in a basement. The moisture barriers we use help prevent soil gases from entering the home, however, sometimes that is not enough. We will not take any chances with your home. Why fix one problem which could result in another.

A radon ready system is installed in every crawlspace home that is encapsulated by Basement & Radon Solutions. We are licensed and certified by the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), serving Hendersonville, Asheville, Western NC

If a radon ready system is not installed prior to encapsulation and you find out that you have a radon problem, what happens next? Your new moisture barrier will have to be cut, the radon system installed and your liner repaired. This constitutes more repaired seams compromising the life and integrity of your investment and now you are dealing with another contractor in your home and on top of your new liner. Basement and Radon Solutions performs a radon test in every home after we seal or encapsulate a crawl space. If the home has radon, now there is a professional plan in place to simply correct the problem.

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As a home owner you will have peace of mind knowing your crawl space is safe, clean and healthy.

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