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Concrete Lifting in Hendersonville, Asheville & Surrounding Areas

Leveling and raising concrete that has sunk is a great alternative to replacing and repairing concrete slabs. Concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios, and carports that have settled, causing cracks and an uneven surface to emerge can be fixed with the help of our Poly Concrete Lifting & Leveling service. The Poly concrete lifting & leveling is extremely cost effective and is often only half the cost of replacing the sunken and cracked concrete.

Reasons Why Concrete Settles

There are many different reasons why concrete settles and becomes uneven. Some of the more common causes include the following:

Concrete Settles
  • Soil erosion – materials underneath your concrete slab can be washed out by a few different events. Damaged sewer lines, broken water pipes, excessive rain, and even improperly installed downspouts can cause the soil underneath your slabs to washout. This can cause your concrete slabs to sink and/or crack because of settling.
  • Improper soil compacting before concrete pouring – when concrete driveways, floors, and slabs are being made, the first step should be compacting the ground. When this is not done or is done improperly, the weight of the slab will cause the soil underneath to compact, which will eventually cause cracking and settling.
  • Vibrations from traffic and machinery – settling and cracking will also occur with the constant passing of vehicles on the road nearby or the passing of heavy equipment within facilities. The closer your home or facility is to highways and busy streets, the more likely settling and slab movement will happen.
  • Climate and weather – the weather and changing climate also has an effect on concrete slabs. Cold weather can cause the moisture in the ground to freeze and when this happens, the slab will raise or heave. When frost thaws out, the soil will return to its original level and will settle, sometimes leaving a space between the concrete slab and the soil. When weight is applied to the slab, it can crack and cause parts to sink, creating uneven surfaces.

Our Process for Concrete Raising by Basement & Radon Solutions - BRS Pros

The process that Basement & Radon Solutions uses to return your concrete slabs back to the way they are supposed to be is polyurethane foam concrete raising. This process involves the following steps:

Concrete Lifting Video Thumb
  • Drilling holes in strategic spots on your slab – holes are drilled in the affected areas of the concrete slabs, usually in a regular pattern and spacing to allow for even pumping of concrete raising material underneath.
  • Polyurethane foam is pumped in – with the holes in your slab, polyurethane foam is pumped in with the use of a high-pressure injection gun. The material instantaneously expands and fills the voids underneath the slab and in the soil, raising the concrete to its original level. This material also helps stabilize the soil underneath by filling in the gaps and compressing loose areas.
  • Cost Effective – Concrete raising is typically half the cost of replacing the same concrete. Ultimately, the cost of raising or stabilizing concrete is a direct reflection of how much leveling material the project will require.
  • Quick-Cure Time – Polyurethane typically cures 15 minutes after injection allowing areas to be fully available in minutes instead of days.
  • Clean Work Environment – No concrete or grout spatter and no wash-down needed.
  • Small Holes – Polyurethane concrete raising creates nearly invisible 5/8" holes with minimal patchwork required.
  • Lightweight – Weighing only 2-4lbs per cubic foot, high density polyurethane's lightweight characteristics will not overburden the soil.
  • Green! – The poly foams we use are environmentally friendly, consisting of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials that are made in the USA. Most poly raw materials are petroleum-based. Our green polyurethane Biobased materials are not only good for the environment, but actually enhance the foam properties.
Before and After 3 images of concrete lifting
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Trust Basement & Radon Solutions for Concrete Raising and Leveling

Polyurethane foam injections for raising uneven concrete slabs is a tried and tested process. This process helps raise concrete slabs incrementally, allowing for the checking of concrete levels before more polyurethane foam is injected to complete the process. This helps ensure that the levels are completely even and don’t overshoot the original slab levels that are still in place.

When you need to have concrete slabs raised effectively and quickly, the company to trust is Basement & Radon Solutions. Aside from concrete raising and polyurethane injection services, we also offer foundation repairs, sump pump installation , and basement waterproofing in Greenville, Spartanburg, SC. To get the help you need, contact us today at 828-759-5522 and schedule a free estimate.