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Basement Checks

Despite all the warning systems for detecting major rain event and chances of flash flooding, they still occur and surprise homeowners, or become far worse than expected. Good preparedness can mean the difference between being safe, and comfortably waiting out the event at home, versus being miserable— and in danger.

One of your first steps should be to make sure your basement is dry and safe. You can do this by following our checklist.


Basement Checks
  • Make sure your sump pump is working properly. Make sure the sump pump is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Test the outlet to make sure it has power
  • Inspect basement windows and doors, make sure they are securely shut. If your basement windows are below grade, clean any debris around the windows.
  • Check the grade around your foundation. It should slope away from the house to keep rainfall from collecting and pooling against foundation walls. Use sand bags or other debris to help divert the water away from your foundation.
  • Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts. Extend downspouts away from the house and foundation. This will help limit roof water from collecting and pooling around the foundation. (Use precaution if using a ladder)
  • If you own a generator, make sure it starts and you have fuel to operate it.


  • A battery backup sump pump will automatically pump water out and away from the house when there is power loss or if the primary sump pump fails. A battery backup sump pump will also pump water out if the primary pump becomes overwhelmed.
  • Often, we look to quick fixes for wet basement problems. Most flooded basements are caused from a lack of maintenance. Sump Systems need to be maintained. A preventative maintenance program can prevent a flooded basement.

NOTE: If you do experience a flooded basement, avoid electrical shock by not stepping into basement with water. Contact your local Fire Department or Utility Provider for safety. If you need help, please don't hesitate to call our office.