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10 Tips For Safe Guarding Your Home

Melting Snow And Heavy Rain Can Cause Damage To Your Home

Large quantities of melting snow and heavy rain can cause damage to basements and or crawl space and pose some dangers to your home. It is important to take necessary precautions to help avoid harmful situations.

10 Tips To Help Minimize Damage

We have listed some "Do it yourself" recommendations that can aid as a defense against pooling water, blocked drains, roof gutter dams, and covered exhaust house vents.

Melting Snow Rain Safe Gaurd Your Home
  1. Inspect your property for any obstructions that might prevent melting snow and rain from draining.
  2. Clear out any basement window wells of snow to prevent it from seeping through basement window.
  3. Make sure downspouts drain away from the house.
  4. Remove snow away from the home's foundation walls to reduce water from pooling.
  5. Remove snow from basement/crawl space access doors and windows to prevent water intrusion.
  6. Remove snow from around exhaust vents on furnaces and dryers. (Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning can occur if it is blocked)
  7. Make sure that all drains and gutters are free from snow and ice. (Do not climb on the roof)
  8. Snow on roofs that melts quickly can freeze and cause ice dams along gutters or soffits and prevent water from draining properly. (Remove snow using a roof rake or hire a roofing professional.)
  9. Consider using sand bags for directing water away from your home.
  10. Inspect and clear any snow or ice buildup around your sump pump discharge on the sidewall of your house. It is important to keep the discharge pipe protected from freezing to avoid clogging. Check your sump pump for proper operation. (Contact us to have your sump pump serviced)

If you do get water in your basement or crawls space; help prevent extensive damage and mold from water by taking action quickly. Initial water cleanup can include towels and mops for smaller damage and wet-dry shop-vacs or floor sump pumps for more extensive damage. Dry any wet materials, carpeting, furniture, insulation and drywall to avoid mold, mildew and further damage.

IMPORTANT: If you do experience a flooded basement, avoid electrical shock by not stepping into basement with water. Contact your local Fire Department or Utility Provider for safety.

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