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Reviewed By: Debbie A.
Location: Hendersonville, NC 28791

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Angie's List

Comment We were purchasing this property and on inspection it was noted that evidence of moistuire was seen in the crawl space. Basement and Radon Solutions was one of three recommendations we were given to give us furthur info on the situation. From my initial contact with owner Rod Johnson I felt assured that I had picked a top performing company. His family was off on vactionion in a few days from my intial contact but knowing the urgency of the situation he arranged to get the project moving and promised to keep in touch even during his vacation. He inspected the property and gave me a detailed expalnation of the situation and how he felt it needed to be repaired. No high powered sales pitch or doom and gloom scares. A local builder had also given a plan and estimate on repairing the situation. I confered with him regarding his plan and that of Basement Solutions, when all was said and done he said if he were buying the house he would use BS's plan. Although it was more expensive than his he felt it was a much better long term solution. That solidified my opinion and I contracted with Rod to do the job. The work was done on time and as described. I have NO complaints and feel that the job was done right and is back up by a top notch company.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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