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Reviewed By: Gloria S.
Location: ,

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Angie's List

Comment The work performed by Mr. Johnson went superbly. It was totally worth what I paid and I am very pleased.
Mr. Johnson answered all of my questions and even offered helpful information that I, as a homeowner (or any homeowner), would need to know to maintain the health of the crawlspace and navigate it if needed.
Mr. Johnson could have just done the inspection and reported his findings but he took the time to answer extra questions and even took a look at my home's structural appearance, seeing if everything was intact, and emphasized how important it is to maintain the gutters because allowing the gutters to get filled with debris, leaves and other matter can cause localized flooding patterns which can translate into a flooded crawlspace. I am truly happy with his honest approach.
Additionally, within a short time of purchasing my special offer through Angie's List, I was contacted by the office manager, Brenda, to set up the appointment. They were able to fit me into the time slot I had requested. I loved that this business was flexible, responsive, knowledgeable and professional!
I have found my crawlspace/foundation specialist! Thank you, Basement and Radon Solutions!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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