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Job completed for Cynthia B.

Completion date: April 21, 2011

Location: Fletcher, NC

Why did the customer contact us?

Cynthia contacted us here at Basement & radon Solutions because she had water coming through her basement walls. Here are the steps we took to help her.

Solutions provided:

We started by installing our FastDrain sub-floor dewatering system on the front right & right rear walls of the basement.

Next we installed our 15-Mil white antibacterial premium 100% woven fiber reinforced wall vapor barrier. It was installed on the foundation wall above the installed FastDrain system. He helps protect against mold, moisture, Mildew, humidity & wall leaks. Any moisture or water drain behind the wall liner and into the fast drain system.

Lastly we replaced the existing non-working sump pump with our Pro-Series Pump System. We placed it in the right rear corner of the basement. The system includes 1/3 HP cast iron primary pump with dual cage float. Included is a deluxe controller that monitors pump and power conditions and sounds an alarm when problems are detected and or a high water warning.

It was a pleasure helping Cynthia make her basement safe, happy & healthy again.

Team members on this project:

Roy Nieto, Brad McClain, Santiago Velazquez,