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Job completed for Tony C.

Completion date: September 21, 2009

Location: Fletcher, NC

Why did the customer contact us?

Tony contacted us here at Basement & Radon Solutions, because his home was test for radon that came back at 3.8 pCi/L. Tony wanted us to mitigate the radon gas & install a dehumidifier.

Solutions provided:

Basement & Radon Solutions installed a radon mitigation system in Tony's crawl space. A 4" radon depressurization suction line was installed in the crawl space. Along with a vapor barrier to cover the crawl space floor & was mechanically fastened to the foundation walls. Our vapor barrier is a 100% woven reinforced liner. The suction line extended to the left exterior of the home. Then, the radon fan was installed on the left exterior of the home. The radon fan vent pipe was extended to just above the roof edge. A varmint and rain guard PVC exhaust cap was installed. That will prevent rain, debris, small animals and birds from entering the vent pipe. Guarding and extending the life of Tony's radon system. Lastly, we did a radon test after installing our mitigation system. The radon test came back as 0.7 pCi/L! We also installed a Aprilaire humidification system, that is energy star rated and has a five year manufacturer's parts warranty when installed by BRS Pros. The dehumidifier was mounted approximately 6" off the ground with our poly lift piers to promote circulation and prevent metal corrosion. It was a pleasure helping Tony make his home happy, healthy, and safe!

Team members on this project:

Thomas Tankersly, Carlos Nieto, Miguel Ramirez,