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Job completed for Judy V.

Completion date:October 26, 2020

Location: Brevard, NC

Why did the customer contact us?

Judy found our company Basement & Radon Solutions on Angie's List and reached out to us because she wanted a Mitigation estimate. She had a Radon test previously done and the average level came back as 5.9 pCi/l in her finished basement.

Solutions provided:

Basement & Radon Solutions, BRS Pros, installed a Sub-Slab Radon Mitigation System with both a floor suction point and a wall depressurization point. We installed this system to draw out any radon gas that is underneath the slab before it goes inside Judy's home. We installed the radon vent pipe through an interior closet (instead of having it run along the exterior of his home). The radon fan that connects the radon suction line and the radon vent pipe comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. (Radon fans have an average life span of 8-10 years and should be monitored via the manometer). The manometer is an instrument for measuring low-range positive, negative, and differential air and gas pressure. It's installed on the radon vent pipe. Judy will be able to monitor this gauge to insure the radon fan is working. It was a pleasure helping Judy make her home happy, healthy, and safe!

Team members on this project:

Stanley McCall, Roy,

Photos & Videos:

Approximate location of suction point in basement.
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Approximate location of suction point in basement.