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Customer Photo Solutions Provided
Sue J.
Mills River, NC
March 29, 2018
We installed Rhino carbon fiber straps to stablize the cracks
Cathy B.
Mills River, NC
March 26, 2018
We installed an interior french drain system and a sump pump to remove the moisture from the crawlspace
Gary H.
Mills River, NC
March 20, 2018
We installed a Sub-Slab Depressurization radon mitigation system which brough the radon level down to an average of .6 pCi/l
Mike C.
Hendersonville, NC
March 19, 2018
We installed a Sub-Slab/Sub-Membrane system in his basement and crawlspace which sucessfully brought his radon level down to 1.4 pCi/l.
Revonda K.
Mills River, NC
March 9, 2018
We re-encapsulated the crawlspace using a 16-mil liner, removed the moldy sub-floor insulation, remediated the organic growth, replaced with dry insulation, used spray polyurethane foam insulation on the rim joists to seal out moisture, installed Aprilaire 1850 and Aprilaire 1820 dehumidiers, installed a condensate pump to channel the dehumidifer water out of the crawlspace, and installed a sub-slab/sub-membrane radon mitigation system in the basement and crawlspace which brought the radon level down to 0.5 pCi/l. We also finished off the basement with a 16-mil FinishSheild Wall Liner to keep it dry.
Robert W.
Hendersonville, NC
March 8, 2018
We installed a Fast Drain Perimeter System around the basement, installed a FastPump sump pump, ThermalSheild wall liner, and an Aprilaire 1850 dehumidifier, to keep their basement dry and solve their water issue.
Kevin J.
Hendersonville, NC
March 7, 2018
We installed a sub-slab radon mitigation system in Kevin's basement bringing the radon level way down to 0.8 pCi/l
Jessica M.
Zirconia, NC
March 5, 2018
We installed a sub-slab radon mitigation system in her basement and brought the average radon level down to an acceptable level of 3.3 pCi/l
Jonathan T.
Asheville, NC
February 27, 2018
We installed an interior French Drain and sprayed polyurethane foam insulation on the framed walls below the rim joists, to prevent any further moisture from entering the crawlspace.
Jim R.
Waynesville, NC
February 27, 2018
We installed an Aprilaire 1820 to help keep the humidity at an acceptable level to prevent future problems

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